Consumer Information Obligations - (iii) Packaging Marking


Information on the meaning of related markings on packaging that is placed on the market and that relates to his recovery and recycling obligations - examples;

mobius loop

The Mobius loop is used to identify that a product is recyclable

mobius loop prcentage

The Mobius Loop with percentage specifies that an item of packaging contains x% of recycled material

green dot symbol

The Green Dot is a trademark used on packaging. Use of the Green Dot notifies consumers, retailers and government authorities that payments are being made to a national packaging recycling company to collect, sort and recycle packaging waste. Only companies that have signed a license agreement can use the Green Dot trademark.

keep britain tidy

The rebranded Keep Britain Tidy symbol aimed at making people aware that they have a responsibility to keep the environment around them tidy and litter free.

recyclable aluminium

This symbol indicates that container is manufactured from aluminium and that it can be recycled and used again. Most drinks cans will have this symbol.

recyclable steel

This symbol indicates that the product is steel and is recyclable.

recyclable glass

This symbol is often found on glass packaging and indicates that this packaging can be recycled at a recycling centre.