Consumer Information Obligations - or Why, How and Where to recycle

Under the requirements of the UK Packaging Regulations, businesses that are defined as ‘sellers’, must provide their customers, both householders and other businesses, information on a range of recycling issues. Scotpak is pleased to provide this information service on behalf of our members.


The Regulations detail the following requirements in the provision of Consumer Information Obligations;

(4) A person who is a producer and
(d) if his main activity is that of seller; provide information to consumers of the goods sold by him about the following; (Information links below)

  • (i) the return, collection and recovery systems available to them

  • (ii) their role in contributing to reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste

  • (iii) the meaning of related markings on packaging that he places on the market and that relates to his recovery and recycling obligations; and

  • (iv) the chapter dealing with the management of packaging and packaging waste in any strategy prepared under section 44A or 44B of the 1990 Act (national waste strategy). In these Regulations referred to as the "consumer information obligations")