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Scotpak Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme

Producer Responsibility Experts in the UK & Ireland since 2000

Scotpak (legally referred to as Nipak (Scotland) Ltd) is a specialist producer responsibility scheme. Based in Glasgow, we work with packaging producers large & small throughout Scotland and the rest of Great Britain, across a broad range of sectors.

Scotpak was approved as a compliance scheme in 2006. It was created in response to the growing obligations placed on waste packaging producers in Europe, but primarily due to the needs of our existing client base. We are part of The Leaf Group, which comprises ourselves, Nipak (Belfast) and Leaf Environmental (Dublin). Nipak is a dedicated Northern Irish compliance scheme with an office in Holywood. Leaf Environmental is a and waste producer responsibility consultancy based in Dublin and working with clients across the UK and Ireland as experts in the packaging, WEEE and battery fields. At management level we have over 30 years of experience in understanding and interpreting corporate producer responsibility legislation.

Experience and Reputation

We have an enviable reputation as Scotland's leading packaging compliance scheme.  We've achieved this by setting the highest standards in the industry and grow primarily by referral. Our reputation has brought us into the GB market where we have established a strong presence. Scotpak is regarded by members and regulators as an experienced and specialist practitioner.

What distinguishes Scotpak from other compliance schemes?

●  Expertise:  We specialise in producer responsibility: packaging waste compliance. This is what we do exclusively, it is not just one part of a broader services portfolio as is often the case with our competitors. We are focused and but have a large circle of associates who support and complement our knowledge base.

●  Knowledge: Legislation and interpretation. We are informed and experienced, both academically and in application. 

●  Diligence: Scotpak has never failed an audit. Quite simply, we get it right. Our clients value our attention to detail.

●  Value: We aim to save you money, not only through our service and fees but in assuring your compliance obligations.

●  Ethics: Scotpak is very proud of the ethical impetus that underpins everything we do. We care about the environment and can get quite strident about the benefits of reducing waste for both businesses and society.

●  Relationships: We have established dialogues with key industry figures at policy and institute level, along with a wide network of suppliers, brokers, agencies and advisors. These relationships keep our processes informed and ensures that our clients voices and concerns are influential. 

●  Service: Our key staff and indeed many of our clients have been with us from the early years. Scotpak is built on a spirit of personalised customer service and delivery reinforced by the attributes listed above. We come to work with a keen sense of responsibility; to our clients, to the supply chain and to the environment. 

Testimonials for Scotpak

Testimonials for Scotpak

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Testimonial

“We are extremely happy with the services offered by Scotpak. Communication is excellent and the team is always on hand to offer expert advice and answer our packaging waste questions. The partnership between Scotpak and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise continues to be a success. ”

— Packaging and Batteries Take Back EMEA Program Manager - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Vegware testimonial

"Vegware have been a Scotpak member for a number of years, throughout this time the service Scotpak have provided has been exemplary. Since our first dealing with Scotpak our turnover & operations as a whole have more than doubled. Scotpak’s advise & support throughout this growth in relation to our packaging waste compliance has been invaluable. We submit a simple and comprehensive set of data to Scotpak & they do the rest of the work, calculating our obligation & purchasing Packaging Recovery Notes on our behalf. What can look like a complicated process from the outside is made very simple."

— Commercial Manager, Vegware

Kopparbarg Testimonial

“The communication we receive from Scotpak is first class. The team understand our business requirements extremely well and we are always made aware of governmental changes well in advance. This means that when they take effect we are as prepared as possible to secure the best possible outcome.

Working with Scotpak saves valuable administration time. We understand exactly what information we need to provide and can then trust Scotpak to complete the relevant calculations on our behalf.”

— Cider of Sweden (Kopparberg)

Initial Packaging Solutions

"Scotpak has been our packaging compliance scheme since we joined in 2007.  They came highly recommended by colleagues in our industry.  Simon helped us deal with the Environment Agency on technical matters and he has made the whole compliance thing as simple as painless as it can be (which we think is pretty painful).”

- Lee Childs, Financial Director, Initial Packaging Solutions

William Bros Brew Co testimonial

"Scotpak deal with our obligations - we don’t have to throw staff at this.

I phoned several companies up initially and when I think back it was the sound sensible advice we received when I originally made an enquiry that made us go with Scotpak for our compliance needs. It’s a friendly and competitive service and I’d recommend them for their sensible and pragmatic approach."

— A.N. - Williams Bros Brewing Co. Scotland

Cosmo Tiles Logo

"Our questions about the reporting methodology are answered promptly, professionally, and in plain English. We are satisfied that the reporting is neither onerous nor overly expensive. Clear and prompt communication."                 - Cosmo Tiles

"We have been with Scotpak since we registered in 2011. They have helped us refine our reporting systems and most recently when SEPA came to audit us in 2018. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for their accessibility, professionalism and helpfulness." -  CIMC

"We have been with Scotpak since we registered in 2011. They have helped us refine our reporting systems and most recently when SEPA came to audit us in 2018. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for their accessibility, professionalism and helpfulness." - CIMC


Scotpak Logo

Core Management Team & Responsibilities

Simon Stringer

Managing Director

Simon established Leaf Environmental in 2000 when he identified a need within the Irish packaging and waste compliance sector for a more service orientated and environment focused consultancy; one that would help businesses give back to the environment by reducing packaging waste in the first instance, whilst meeting obligations in an efficient and cost-effective way.  Our client base brought us into the UK market in 2003 and the Scottish market in 2006.


Since the mid-90's Simon has specialised in packaging, waste management, and environmental auditing along with management systems in associated fields. As an independent consultant and services provider he has extensive experience in business development and project management.

Institutions & Policy

Simon is a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and was the founder Chair for the Irish branch of The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). His involvement in the industry at policy level in both the UK and Ireland ensures that the Leaf Environmental consultancy services stay relevant and informed.

Ashling McEvoy

Operations Director

Ashling is a principal consultant and the Operations Director. She has an exceptional working understanding of all matters relating to waste, corporate responsibility and the environment.  Ashling oversees all aspects of packaging, WEEE & battery compliance and reporting across all jurisdictions.

Before joining Leaf in 2002 Ashling was an account manager at Repak with responsibilities for implementation of waste management and minimisation strategies plus data management training. She brought this experience, drive and delivery to Scotpak and has been instrumental in the growth and direction of the scheme.


Ashling helps businesses navigate their way through the Producer responsibilities that affect them, striving to identify the best route to compliance for their operations. Companies benefit from the breadth of her experience and specialist knowledge; benefits that can be measured in cost and efficiency along with the assurance that compliance has been achieved correctly. 

Producer Responsibility legislation now has implications for every stage of the supply of goods. Knowledgeable and informed, many of our large supply-chain clients rely on Ashling as their first point of contact for compliance and operational advice.

Emmet Nolan

Senior Consultant

Emmet is a senior consultant. He joined Leaf in 2003 with an MSc in Applied Environmental Science and his role has evolved in such a way that he is now an integral member of the senior team. He is an Associate Member of the CIWM.

Emmet specialises in interpreting Producer Responsibility legislation, providing informed advice and assisting businesses that have packaging, WEEE and battery waste obligations.

Direct registrants

He is pivotal to the reputation that Scotpak enjoys for client care and keen attention to detail. Emmet works closely with new clients, guiding them through the complex demands of direct registration or scheme membership, from providing advice to the full portfolio of reporting and supporting services.

Scheme Members

Emmet also has responsibility for ensuring that compliance scheme members meet their obligations in a timely manner. As well as interpretation and information, this role can involve partial or complete data management and submission, as well as associated compliance responsibilities.