Image Credit: Greenpeace

Image Credit: Greenpeace

Opinion Piece; Micro Plastics

Following on from the previous blog post highlighting a unique solution for dealing with micro plastic contamination from washing clothes and given that most producers in the UK are governed by certain producer responsibility regimes, may I suggest a solution.

All washing machine manufacturers in the UK are required by law to ensure their products are recycled at the end of their life span. This is done via the WEEE legislation in the UK and ensures some of the costs for recycling are covered. An extension to this could be that manufacturers of these products supply a micro bag when selling their appliances so that consumers have the ability to reduce the micro plastic contamination which we heard so much about.

While it cannot be guaranteed that every consumer would use it, in most cases when provided, there should be a substantial take up. The size of this market and environmental benefit it would provide I believe we should be lobbying the manufacturers to provide this technology free of charge. The benefit for the consumer would be that they can contribute to the reduction in contamination and for the manufacturers they can be seen as being proactive in increasing their environmental performance and addressing concerns regarding the environmental damage their products do.



   - Ian Andrews